Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Total Access Toolbar Upgraded

Download and install the hottest tool bar on the net, the Total Access Tool bar. Integrated links, weather, mail notifier and media center all for free. Visit

The toolbar auto updates.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Support Numbers Added and System Update

We apologize for any delays in conversion and have added new toll
free support from call centers to replace the staff in Elgin.
We have also added 24/7 support for email and dialup, just in case
your mobile, off line or just need a hand after hours.

New Toll Free Support Activated 11/25/2007

We will no longer be handling any Internet accounting issues
in our Elgin facility and all correspondence needs to sent
to the PO Box from this point forward. The facility will be
closed to the public till after the first of the year.

All Dialup/Email Support Call: 1-877-814-5575 24/7/365
All Wireless Support Calls: 1-888-534-9911
All Computer Repairs Call 1-512-281-3010 (call back)

Please listen to the prerecorded messages as they will
carry detailed network information. Recorded messages
are only updated as information changes.

We apologize again for any inconvenience any issues may have
caused, and have made changes to reduce down times and added
24/7 support without any increase cost to any client.

Need cheap computers, laptops and printers and more? Checkout
our inventory online and available 24/7. Have it wrapped for
free for Christmas!

Laptops, Computers, Printers, software and more! All online 24/7

24/7 Online payments
Total Access Networks Online Payment Center


Total Access Networks, Inc.
100 N main Street
Elgin TX 78621

24/7/365/Drop Box
104 West First Stree
Elgin TX 78621


Drop box checked and payments posted daily. Aviod late fees on your prepaid
Internet, VOIP, IPTV and other services and pay online, via mail,
or thru the drop slot. Thanks.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Broadband Upgrades report extreem speeds!

With speeds seen up to 8 megabit, the new system out performs the old 40 to 1. The fiber did improve the quality and reduced the latency. The goal was to replace older copper based facilities with faster gigabit connections, and fiber just made the most sense.

Faces of Trinity Contest

Total Access Networks Inc announces the Faces of Trinity contest for the next phase of our Trinity Complete Control system interface for humans. The system will have 8 faces, for male 4 female to choose from and have this person as your guide to help you along the site.

The contest will start in Spring of 2008.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Email Updates - Network Wide

to send email on the dialup network:

inbound : mail.totalaccess.net
outbound: mail2.totalaccess.net

to send mail on the wireless via fiber & Mobile Mesh networks:

inbound : mail.totalaccess.net
outbound: mail3.totalaccess.net

Cedar Creek
The oaks
The RV Park

to send mail on the T1 network :

inbound : mail.totalaccess.net
outbound: mail.totalaccess.net

to send mail on your domain:

inbound : mydomainname.com
outbound: mydomainname.com

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ECR Logo Contest begins soon!

ECR logo contest is coming soon.

As an intermediate logo, one was made recently for the store front by staff.

Visit ECN for details and rules !

ECR ( Elgin Computer Repair ) Evolves

The "cybershop" will be changing its name this next week in part of our network migration and business development. The location, hours and staff will remain. The store is being operated under a new LLP. As our business evolves, we need to stay ahead of the curve and have worked dilgently completely redoing the inventory, and even ECR internal design compared to the CyberShop (tm) format.

The new system will soon be offering in-home customer computer services billed by the hour, incident or contract term. Onsite contracts are now available for a 35 mile radius covering Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, Taylor, Thrall, Thorndale, Paige, Giddings*, Bastrop, Dell Valley and surrounding areas.

The center has expanded its service bench area 300 percent and rebuilt the facility to yield the highest per square foot electronic & computer repair center. The new design gave the group 300 percent more usable lighted shelving, and once the used stuff is gone , its all replaced with new technology, and the refurbished gear will be reworked and donated to the ECN, created by TAN last quarter to recenter it's wireless position and develop an independent wireless and technology platforms, for the local community. The center supplies services as computer repair, custom computer builds, computer evaluations, and can build any type of home to enterprise business network project.

Global resources From Wireless, IPTV, Dialup and now VOIP, the shop will carry only approved services from approved vendors. The outlet will also sport phones, new Trinity 855 G3/4 phones, satellite TV and electronics for the holidays this year.

Come Visit us on October 26th during Hogeye and check out the new VOIP , MobileMesh and IP certified Lucent and Cisco Enterprise lab.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Water Tower Move Creates Elgin Community Network Node

As TAN and EISD worked together to keep TAN's wireless network alive this summer, the group was tossed a difficult task, of migrating all the wireless users with as little disruption to service as possible. After a week of mounting and remounting gear, the MicroCell is complete and sports a new back haul to its existing downtown network. They do anticipate some small outage early to late PM as TXU powers off the power and moves the facilities. At that time we will remove the last facilities and start moving the wireless clients afected over to their temporary service Home: AKA Tower 3. Once the water tower is cleaned ( lead removal) and painted and power is restored we will restore equipment/service on tower.

The Tower3 facilities (upon approval) after completion will be converted into a community meshed network node, where mobile clients from the school district can use Wifi for short range VOIP wireless calls. The facilities will be refitted with MobileMesh technology to provide community network mesh formula. The community network will be given an interface to add, remove and bill users. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local community project for learning challenged children.

We are extremely happy to share technology and resources. We look back on the first labs we helped build in EISD, and how that one investment to me was priceless, and how it gave our youth a technical challenge - learning networking, web development and certified network certification upon completing proper testing. This program gave countless opportunities to several young people locally to jump into high tech industry jobs and even some use those skills even in our Armed Forces today.

As we look into the looking glass of technology we both feel that sharing resources can provide more information for everyone, and start working on redundant connections, bypassing local teclo related trunks and outages completely.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Beta Release - Total Auction 1.0

Total Access Networks Inc today has announced it has completed the first phase of many for it's new 'Total Auction' product line. The new site will demonstate the software and allow people to auction anything of value on the Internet like Ebay, for free, as long as they register.

The system has many hurdles and will undergo a massive transformation over the next quarter to its set release date of Jan 1,2008 with version 2.0 its new flagship auction project. The code is fast, site is simple, and the price is great. Free.

Demo: http://auction.totalaccess.net

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Camp Swift Broadband Goes Live!

The new system over looking Camp Swift, into Bastrop Acres, to parts of Mc Dade Texas and Lake Bastrop goes live today after a small break and sunshine hits the tower. The coverage area will overlap some existing Total Access bands and now provide exclusive coverage to new areas without broadband service.

Thanks to all those who have help to pave the way to micro community cells.

Need high speed service? Sign up Today!

The cells small and tight space design as shown , increases ease of deployment with smaller high range micro cells. We are now converting the cell to complete solar system with DC/AC backup. The system will be one of the first of its types and is being designed by and built locally.

Data and details will follow on the self supporting power station, and it's new design ,development and deployment.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Press Release - Bastrop TX Chosen for Next Generation Network Operation Center

After a year of debates ,planning and development, Total Access Networks Inc chooses to expand and build a network operation center in Bastrop Texas. The existing NOC's in Elgin TX and Austin NOC's will be reviewed ,condensed and compacted into our next generation voice , video, and data service combo systems by end of the year 2007. We will be converting all pre-existing clients for free first, and all work is done remotely, with no truck roll needed.

The new system will house an emergency power station with power from DC cells , auto start generators , and power from the city and an alternative carrier. Will provide free peering with TAN-NAP clients.
See COOP area of forum.

Our power investment would mean larger power resources available for 911 and emergency responders in Bastrop Texas area if we share technology and resources. TAN will sell backup power, and bandwidth at Bastrop NOC by early 2008 via fiber.

"Bastrop was the best place where the fiber can help the network and County the most. Total Access Networks Inc signed a deal today to bring gigabit fiber optics to it's Bastrop located next at the Bastrop tower.

The location was chosen , even thought the cost of delivering Fiber was more expensive, after engineering showed the new system plans and it was decided to build the new center with a private power station.

"We were successful in acquiring a secure pad location onsite in Bastrop area near where we currently deploy service from. This allows both networks to be overlapped and clients to be moved one at a time from the old to the new network with up to 300 time the capacity and speed exceeding any current needs. Redundant Fiber Gigabit loops with routed via BGP from multi-homed carriers and redundant paths providing service level agreement to meet growing network needs. Support for our new video center being built in fall 2008 is included." "Our goal here was to establish stability needed to replace older copper based backbones with gigabit fiber loops" Stated Green ."All existing NOC facilities will be reviewed for consolidation after the new facility is up and running and routing traffic.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trinty 855 GSM - Released

3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
Supports SMS, Directory
and Java Games.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Total Access Develops Wireless Mesh Kiosk

With the help of a bunch (hundreds) of fantastic developers from across the world, we have accomplished more this yeay then ever before with the design and prototype build in the US. The program was picked up and supported as the new kiosk line designed used for the Wireless Worlds MobileMesh program for fall 2007. The programs mass expandability after engineers developed a cross GSM/VOIP/SKYPE platform, and then added 99 features with global expandability.

“Our new Trinity service system steps outside the norms and is working globally to meet each countries specific RF needs while managing multiple frequencies. The system is the first hotspot/kiosk in the world supporting GSM/ WiFi/ Multi-band frequencies. Empowered with the UPS backup module , your wireless network works even if the building is pitch dark, still able to see a connection from cable, DSL, or cellular carrier allowing VOIP, text messaging and GSM calls,” stated green in todays brief press release. The Trinity program is just now being tested globally

*based on service availability

The configurations are now endless since the unit also supports MobileMesh and X10 home devices, going further into its mesh design for Hotels, Malls, and mass transit developments across the globe.

The system allows you to enhance your customers communication skills while shopping indoor where cellular service is usually poor, and costly. The system also supports MobileMesh to WiFi, supporting 802.11 B/G wireless products. The system also supports VOIP/Skype to GSM through a recent development breakthroughs. The new design allows the system to soon function via GSM, which crosses yet another barrier...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Total Access Deploys GSM Phones

3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
supports GSM850/900/1800/1900,
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
connects TV set,
Supports SMS, Directory and Java Games.


QuadBand GSM Phone 955 (ships fall 2007) Buy now & get free shipping !
Buy now! Free Shipping !


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Total Access Networks Chooses OpenDNS; Passes Speedy, Safe, Reliable DNS on to Internet Users Worldwide

Total Access Networks Chooses OpenDNS; Passes Speedy, Safe, Reliable DNS on to Internet Users Worldwide

Internet reseller sending 1 million DNS requests to OpenDNS daily

SAN FRANCISCO – May 7, 2007 – OpenDNS, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced Total Access Networks Inc. is using OpenDNS to offload the 1 million DNS requests hitting its in-house cluster of servers daily, saving resources and CPU process time and providing an overall better Internet experience for its broadband and wireless clients. Total Access is a leading provider of managed Internet services and connectivity for thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. OpenDNS is the world’s-largest, fastest-growing DNS service.

Texas-based Total Access selected OpenDNS over BIND and other internal and external options because it gives Total Access a clear edge over competition – it’s free and its feature set far exceeds anything else offered with a DNS service.

"While my competitors fight to learn DNS, they waste valuable resources," said Ted Green, CEO of Total Access. "With OpenDNS we have been able to complete several internal and external Internet projects that had been sitting on the back burner, since all of our resources are not tied up correcting issues with faulty DNS. Getting the projects completed means we provide a better service. We get back to installing, doing what we do best, and let OpenDNS handle the DNS from this point out."

Unlike other services that take weeks to deploy, it took only days to get OpenDNS completely up and running for all networks managed by Total Access. The Internet reseller now successfully sends 1 million requests daily to the OpenDNS servers and is pleased to know OpenDNS is entirely scalable - the more people using OpenDNS, the more addresses its caches are holding at any given time and the faster lookups resolve. Since its launch in June 2006, OpenDNS has delivered 100 percent uptime.

"I personally checked out OpenDNS and was blown away by the results," said Green. "No matter how small or big your company grows, DNS is a foundation staple of every ISP environment. We are excited to have OpenDNS as a service partner providing high-quality, fast DNS services to my customers around the world."

About Total Access Networks Inc.

Total Access Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of managed Internet services and connectivity for residents and businesses worldwide. Through high-speed, high-availability, state-of-the- art Internet Data Centers, Total Access Networks delivers superior reliability, security and performance to residents and companies using the Internet. Cutting-edge solutions include Worldwide Dialup Access, Nationwide DSL Access, Regional Wireless Access, Domain Registration, E-commerce Solutions, Merchant Services, Co-Location, Dedicated Web Hosting, Dedicated Access, Streaming Media, Content Distribution and Application Services. For more information about Total Access Networks , please visit: www.totalaccess.net

About OpenDNS

OpenDNS makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Based in San Francisco, the company operates a large distributed network that powers a new kind of recursive DNS (Domain Name System) service that provides all Internet users increased security, reliability and performance. OpenDNS is thoroughly committed to building and operating the best DNS platform in the world and to improving the Internet. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit: www.opendns.com


Allison Rhodes
Community Manager

Total Access Network’s, Inc.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

DSL Modem Setup

Modem Setup:

1. Installing Phone Filters:

You must install the included Phone Line Filters on every device (phones, fax machine, satellite receivers etc.) that is connected to the same line as your new DSL.

2. Installing DSL Modem

1. Plug the included Phone Line Splitter into your Wall Jack. If you are going to be using another device (phone, fax machine, satellite receiver etc.) plug-in one of your Phone Line filters into the Splitter and then plug your phone into the filter. On the other side of the splitter hookup your DSL modem directly with the supplied phone cable. Be sure to plug it into the LINE or DSL port on the back of your modem.
2. Make sure your computer is turned off.
3. Take the supplied Ethernet cable and plug it into the LAN or ETHERNET port on the back of the modem. Plug the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port on the computer.
4. Plug the supplied power cord into the modem and then into an available plug nearby. Once you plug-in the power supply, the modem will turn on automatically. If there is a switch on the back of the modem make sure to flip it to the ON position.
5. Once the READY, SYNC/PPPoE or LINE light on the front of the modem stops blinking, turn your computer on and you will be ready to surf the internet!
6. If the READY, SYNC/PPPoE or LINE light continues to blink for longer than a few minutes and it is PAST your scheduled due date for DSL, please call our Technical Support.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Total Access DSL - Starting at $29.95 deployed nationwide

TOTAL ACCESS DSL - The nations largest combined DSL network. with over 10,000 new broadband areas deployed with unified management and simple billing. Total Access DSL is available in most areas start at only $29.95 per month and comes with no contract, no added fees, no extra fees, no connection fees, just fast reliable broadband over your existing phone lines. Visit link for prequalification web site. Speeds up to 6 megabit available in some areas across the nation. Not available in all areas, and subject to terms and conditions. Visit web sites listed for more details!

DSL - I live inside the city limits and I want Total Access DSL to use my existing phone wires I rent from my telephone company to run high speed Internet and phone service at the same time. The new self install DSL kit is available nationwide at this time for only $29.95 while supplies last. DSL Request

Wireless DSL Request - I live outside the city limits and want high speed access. I want Internet for my work and play and understand there are both monthly costs, equipment costs, and installation charges. WDSL Request

T1 Request - I live in United Sates of America and want a dedicated T1 for my personal or business use. I want be contacted by an engineer to help me get started. Contact Us

News Servers Changed in US makes for issues.

Someones idea to move ahead forward back into daylight savings before the real date, created havoc on some system with items like time and date. Use NTP or an updater and use a free NTP server to keep global time.

We found these free NTP servers worked.

# US CA nist1.aol-ca.truetime.com (
Location: AOL Time Warner facility, Sunnyvale, California
Synchronizaton: Lockclock Algorithm and ACTS dial-up, GPS-stabilized oscillator for short-term stabilization
Service Area: Western US
Access Policy: Open access for up to 20 queries per hour (one-day average) from any one address, others by arrangment
Contact: Judah Levine, jlevine@boulder.nist.gov, 303 492 7785

# US TX tick.uh.edu ( CNAME: time.uh.edu
Location: University of Houston, Houston, TX
Geographic Coordinates: 29:43:37N,95:20:22W
Synchronization: NTP V3 primary (GPS) HP9000/747i
Service Area: US Central time zone, others on request
Access Policy: open access to stratum-2 servers and to UH clients
Contacts: Rich Schmidt (res@tuttle.usno.navy.mil), Alan Pfeiffer-Traum (apt@uh.edu)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The MobileMesh Kiosk Unveiled

After spending nearly a decade developing meshed prototypes, system and eventually networks, there has always been a large gap in our meshed system with some type of distribution , management and accounting intergration combined into the next generation of wireless and land communications combined.

The MobileMesh Kiosk is an account management system supporting VOIP, IPTV, high speed wireless access , security and more. The MobileMesh Kiosk has options like card swiper, check reader, money reader, high res cam, thumb print reader, LCD touchscreen, mouse/keyboard and more.

The new prototype was unveiled this year in Las Vegas, USA at a convention displying the sleek new design only at this time.

Update -
Manufacturing of the MobileMesh Kiosk is under negotiations and an agreement and terms will be released soon. United States and Austrailia are the two current manufacturing locations currently.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Customizable computers starting at $299

After hearing from a ton of people that I needed to redesign how
people bought their systems online through our store, I was given
the task to develop the 100 percent customizable PC, starting at
$299 plus shipping , pickup or delivery charges, oh and tax

Order your customized brand new computer today online at
http://store.totalaccess.net . Click on the custom built computers
Icon on the right and a free quote on your next PC build instantly.
and our new computer starts at only $299.

100 percent customizable - Just they way you want it.

We will be carrying allot more parts soon at the store ,
and custom building units through our online system
and delivering and installing your system (optional).

Let me know what you think !

Total Access Networks Inc
Ted J. Green - CEO
ted at totalaccess dot net
100 North Main Street
Elgin TX 78621 USA
Tel: (512) 281-3010
Fax: (512) 285-3600
Toll Free 1-888-682-5638
AOL IM ted at totalaccess dot net


Friday, January 19, 2007

NexGen OLSR Mesh Unit Released

NexGen OLSR Mesh Unit Released . Mesh allows radios to interconnect building redundant paths. OLSR has some unque features. The package is supported on Windows, MAC, Linux (several distros and more) so expanding it into your community network may be a plus.

here is a blurp from OSLR.org:

The olsr.org OLSR daemon is an implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol. OLSR is a routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks. The protocol is pro-active, table driven and utilizes a technique called multipoint relaying for message flooding. olsrd also implements a popular optional link quality extension. Currently the implementation compiles on GNU/Linux, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD systems. Olsrd is ment to be a well structured and well coded implementation that should be easy to maintain, expand and port to other platforms. The implementation is RFC3626 compliant with respect to both core and auxiliary functioning. Olsrd supports use of loadable plugins. These can be used to to handle and generate custom packettypes to be carried by OLSRs MPR flooding scheme or for any other desired functioning.


docs on OLSR. Looks interesting!

NexGen 400 mW CPE Radios Released

The NexGen radios are powered by realtech chipsets and boost high power and better preformance. We will start tetsing the new radios soon on long hauls, new access points
and even RF repeaters.

The new radios are the bleeding edge in complete WISP services preloaded
into any configuration desired. We build these radios into short range
intergrated solutions to outdoor long range connections in rural Texas.

The new system desgin actually provides bettter service since it has features.
here are the new features added:

--> Telnet (client) added
--> /etc/cbu.conf file editing via WEB
--> Enable/Disable SSH server
--> New Configuration method: Save and Apply
--> Clone WAN MAC option
--> ACK Timeout control
--> MESH (OLSR) support: http://www.olsr.org
--> SSH Client support
--> Easy personal script /etc/script.sh file editing via web interface
--> Region Domain selection via WEB (11 or 14 channels)
--> Easy /etc/ethers file editing via web interface
--> Tx power control
--> Iptraf Utility
--> Tcpdump Utility
--> Remote access via SSH2
--> Cron daemon
--> Hold MAC to a single IP and always give the same IP to that specific MAC
--> Freedom to edit your own scripts
--> Bandwidth control ( IP, MAC and Interface ) with groups option
--> Ping based Watchdog
--> Block Relay
--> PPPoE Relay
--> DHCP Relay
--> Config Wizard
--> Auto Discovery Tool
--> 3 main operational modes: WISP, Gateway and Bridge
--> 802.1x, WPA and Radius
--> Mac, ip, ports filter
--> DMZ Host
--> PPPoE-Client
--> PPTP Protocol
--> DDNS Protocol
--> IAPP Protocol
--> Hide SSID
--> WEB Interface
--> Signal meter
--> AP, Client, WDS+AP, WDS and Ad Hoc modes
--> Site Survey
--> DHCP server
--> DHCP Client
--> Up to 5 IP Alias via WEB interface
--> uPNP
--> Spanning Tree Protocol
--> WAN Management protection
--> MAC clone ( for just one machine )
--> System commands via WEB interface
--> Log system ( local and remote )

order your new radio today ! store.totalaccess.net

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Total Access Networks Inc ToolBar Releases

January 2007 -

After spending a week behind the keyboard, sucking down mountain dews and punching down lines of code we completed the automation ( billpay, online store, instant purchase) system that now meets the growing business demands, and more forward with our Voice over IP services worlds wide.

We have also recently released the Total Access Networks Toolbar, that provide features like a free pop up blocker, browser cache cleaner, weather, email reader (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) , media, blogs, voicemail, news and more !

Best thing of all, that software is free Visit http://www.totalaccess.net for details!

The Fiber Cometh Soon! Need I say more on this ?