Sunday, March 18, 2007

The MobileMesh Kiosk Unveiled

After spending nearly a decade developing meshed prototypes, system and eventually networks, there has always been a large gap in our meshed system with some type of distribution , management and accounting intergration combined into the next generation of wireless and land communications combined.

The MobileMesh Kiosk is an account management system supporting VOIP, IPTV, high speed wireless access , security and more. The MobileMesh Kiosk has options like card swiper, check reader, money reader, high res cam, thumb print reader, LCD touchscreen, mouse/keyboard and more.

The new prototype was unveiled this year in Las Vegas, USA at a convention displying the sleek new design only at this time.

Update -
Manufacturing of the MobileMesh Kiosk is under negotiations and an agreement and terms will be released soon. United States and Austrailia are the two current manufacturing locations currently.

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