Saturday, January 20, 2007

Customizable computers starting at $299

After hearing from a ton of people that I needed to redesign how
people bought their systems online through our store, I was given
the task to develop the 100 percent customizable PC, starting at
$299 plus shipping , pickup or delivery charges, oh and tax

Order your customized brand new computer today online at . Click on the custom built computers
Icon on the right and a free quote on your next PC build instantly.
and our new computer starts at only $299.

100 percent customizable - Just they way you want it.

We will be carrying allot more parts soon at the store ,
and custom building units through our online system
and delivering and installing your system (optional).

Let me know what you think !

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Friday, January 19, 2007

NexGen OLSR Mesh Unit Released

NexGen OLSR Mesh Unit Released . Mesh allows radios to interconnect building redundant paths. OLSR has some unque features. The package is supported on Windows, MAC, Linux (several distros and more) so expanding it into your community network may be a plus.

here is a blurp from

The OLSR daemon is an implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol. OLSR is a routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks. The protocol is pro-active, table driven and utilizes a technique called multipoint relaying for message flooding. olsrd also implements a popular optional link quality extension. Currently the implementation compiles on GNU/Linux, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD systems. Olsrd is ment to be a well structured and well coded implementation that should be easy to maintain, expand and port to other platforms. The implementation is RFC3626 compliant with respect to both core and auxiliary functioning. Olsrd supports use of loadable plugins. These can be used to to handle and generate custom packettypes to be carried by OLSRs MPR flooding scheme or for any other desired functioning.

docs on OLSR. Looks interesting!

NexGen 400 mW CPE Radios Released

The NexGen radios are powered by realtech chipsets and boost high power and better preformance. We will start tetsing the new radios soon on long hauls, new access points
and even RF repeaters.

The new radios are the bleeding edge in complete WISP services preloaded
into any configuration desired. We build these radios into short range
intergrated solutions to outdoor long range connections in rural Texas.

The new system desgin actually provides bettter service since it has features.
here are the new features added:

--> Telnet (client) added
--> /etc/cbu.conf file editing via WEB
--> Enable/Disable SSH server
--> New Configuration method: Save and Apply
--> Clone WAN MAC option
--> ACK Timeout control
--> MESH (OLSR) support:
--> SSH Client support
--> Easy personal script /etc/ file editing via web interface
--> Region Domain selection via WEB (11 or 14 channels)
--> Easy /etc/ethers file editing via web interface
--> Tx power control
--> Iptraf Utility
--> Tcpdump Utility
--> Remote access via SSH2
--> Cron daemon
--> Hold MAC to a single IP and always give the same IP to that specific MAC
--> Freedom to edit your own scripts
--> Bandwidth control ( IP, MAC and Interface ) with groups option
--> Ping based Watchdog
--> Block Relay
--> PPPoE Relay
--> DHCP Relay
--> Config Wizard
--> Auto Discovery Tool
--> 3 main operational modes: WISP, Gateway and Bridge
--> 802.1x, WPA and Radius
--> Mac, ip, ports filter
--> DMZ Host
--> PPPoE-Client
--> PPTP Protocol
--> DDNS Protocol
--> IAPP Protocol
--> Hide SSID
--> WEB Interface
--> Signal meter
--> AP, Client, WDS+AP, WDS and Ad Hoc modes
--> Site Survey
--> DHCP server
--> DHCP Client
--> Up to 5 IP Alias via WEB interface
--> uPNP
--> Spanning Tree Protocol
--> WAN Management protection
--> MAC clone ( for just one machine )
--> System commands via WEB interface
--> Log system ( local and remote )

order your new radio today !

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Total Access Networks Inc ToolBar Releases

January 2007 -

After spending a week behind the keyboard, sucking down mountain dews and punching down lines of code we completed the automation ( billpay, online store, instant purchase) system that now meets the growing business demands, and more forward with our Voice over IP services worlds wide.

We have also recently released the Total Access Networks Toolbar, that provide features like a free pop up blocker, browser cache cleaner, weather, email reader (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) , media, blogs, voicemail, news and more !

Best thing of all, that software is free Visit for details!

The Fiber Cometh Soon! Need I say more on this ?