Saturday, January 20, 2007

Customizable computers starting at $299

After hearing from a ton of people that I needed to redesign how
people bought their systems online through our store, I was given
the task to develop the 100 percent customizable PC, starting at
$299 plus shipping , pickup or delivery charges, oh and tax

Order your customized brand new computer today online at . Click on the custom built computers
Icon on the right and a free quote on your next PC build instantly.
and our new computer starts at only $299.

100 percent customizable - Just they way you want it.

We will be carrying allot more parts soon at the store ,
and custom building units through our online system
and delivering and installing your system (optional).

Let me know what you think !

Total Access Networks Inc
Ted J. Green - CEO
ted at totalaccess dot net
100 North Main Street
Elgin TX 78621 USA
Tel: (512) 281-3010
Fax: (512) 285-3600
Toll Free 1-888-682-5638
AOL IM ted at totalaccess dot net


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