Friday, January 19, 2007

NexGen 400 mW CPE Radios Released

The NexGen radios are powered by realtech chipsets and boost high power and better preformance. We will start tetsing the new radios soon on long hauls, new access points
and even RF repeaters.

The new radios are the bleeding edge in complete WISP services preloaded
into any configuration desired. We build these radios into short range
intergrated solutions to outdoor long range connections in rural Texas.

The new system desgin actually provides bettter service since it has features.
here are the new features added:

--> Telnet (client) added
--> /etc/cbu.conf file editing via WEB
--> Enable/Disable SSH server
--> New Configuration method: Save and Apply
--> Clone WAN MAC option
--> ACK Timeout control
--> MESH (OLSR) support:
--> SSH Client support
--> Easy personal script /etc/ file editing via web interface
--> Region Domain selection via WEB (11 or 14 channels)
--> Easy /etc/ethers file editing via web interface
--> Tx power control
--> Iptraf Utility
--> Tcpdump Utility
--> Remote access via SSH2
--> Cron daemon
--> Hold MAC to a single IP and always give the same IP to that specific MAC
--> Freedom to edit your own scripts
--> Bandwidth control ( IP, MAC and Interface ) with groups option
--> Ping based Watchdog
--> Block Relay
--> PPPoE Relay
--> DHCP Relay
--> Config Wizard
--> Auto Discovery Tool
--> 3 main operational modes: WISP, Gateway and Bridge
--> 802.1x, WPA and Radius
--> Mac, ip, ports filter
--> DMZ Host
--> PPPoE-Client
--> PPTP Protocol
--> DDNS Protocol
--> IAPP Protocol
--> Hide SSID
--> WEB Interface
--> Signal meter
--> AP, Client, WDS+AP, WDS and Ad Hoc modes
--> Site Survey
--> DHCP server
--> DHCP Client
--> Up to 5 IP Alias via WEB interface
--> uPNP
--> Spanning Tree Protocol
--> WAN Management protection
--> MAC clone ( for just one machine )
--> System commands via WEB interface
--> Log system ( local and remote )

order your new radio today !

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