Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Press Release - Bastrop TX Chosen for Next Generation Network Operation Center

After a year of debates ,planning and development, Total Access Networks Inc chooses to expand and build a network operation center in Bastrop Texas. The existing NOC's in Elgin TX and Austin NOC's will be reviewed ,condensed and compacted into our next generation voice , video, and data service combo systems by end of the year 2007. We will be converting all pre-existing clients for free first, and all work is done remotely, with no truck roll needed.

The new system will house an emergency power station with power from DC cells , auto start generators , and power from the city and an alternative carrier. Will provide free peering with TAN-NAP clients.
See COOP area of forum.

Our power investment would mean larger power resources available for 911 and emergency responders in Bastrop Texas area if we share technology and resources. TAN will sell backup power, and bandwidth at Bastrop NOC by early 2008 via fiber.

"Bastrop was the best place where the fiber can help the network and County the most. Total Access Networks Inc signed a deal today to bring gigabit fiber optics to it's Bastrop located next at the Bastrop tower.

The location was chosen , even thought the cost of delivering Fiber was more expensive, after engineering showed the new system plans and it was decided to build the new center with a private power station.

"We were successful in acquiring a secure pad location onsite in Bastrop area near where we currently deploy service from. This allows both networks to be overlapped and clients to be moved one at a time from the old to the new network with up to 300 time the capacity and speed exceeding any current needs. Redundant Fiber Gigabit loops with routed via BGP from multi-homed carriers and redundant paths providing service level agreement to meet growing network needs. Support for our new video center being built in fall 2008 is included." "Our goal here was to establish stability needed to replace older copper based backbones with gigabit fiber loops" Stated Green ."All existing NOC facilities will be reviewed for consolidation after the new facility is up and running and routing traffic.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trinty 855 GSM - Released

3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
Supports SMS, Directory
and Java Games.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Total Access Develops Wireless Mesh Kiosk

With the help of a bunch (hundreds) of fantastic developers from across the world, we have accomplished more this yeay then ever before with the design and prototype build in the US. The program was picked up and supported as the new kiosk line designed used for the Wireless Worlds MobileMesh program for fall 2007. The programs mass expandability after engineers developed a cross GSM/VOIP/SKYPE platform, and then added 99 features with global expandability.

“Our new Trinity service system steps outside the norms and is working globally to meet each countries specific RF needs while managing multiple frequencies. The system is the first hotspot/kiosk in the world supporting GSM/ WiFi/ Multi-band frequencies. Empowered with the UPS backup module , your wireless network works even if the building is pitch dark, still able to see a connection from cable, DSL, or cellular carrier allowing VOIP, text messaging and GSM calls,” stated green in todays brief press release. The Trinity program is just now being tested globally

*based on service availability

The configurations are now endless since the unit also supports MobileMesh and X10 home devices, going further into its mesh design for Hotels, Malls, and mass transit developments across the globe.

The system allows you to enhance your customers communication skills while shopping indoor where cellular service is usually poor, and costly. The system also supports MobileMesh to WiFi, supporting 802.11 B/G wireless products. The system also supports VOIP/Skype to GSM through a recent development breakthroughs. The new design allows the system to soon function via GSM, which crosses yet another barrier...