Friday, July 13, 2007

Beta Release - Total Auction 1.0

Total Access Networks Inc today has announced it has completed the first phase of many for it's new 'Total Auction' product line. The new site will demonstate the software and allow people to auction anything of value on the Internet like Ebay, for free, as long as they register.

The system has many hurdles and will undergo a massive transformation over the next quarter to its set release date of Jan 1,2008 with version 2.0 its new flagship auction project. The code is fast, site is simple, and the price is great. Free.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Camp Swift Broadband Goes Live!

The new system over looking Camp Swift, into Bastrop Acres, to parts of Mc Dade Texas and Lake Bastrop goes live today after a small break and sunshine hits the tower. The coverage area will overlap some existing Total Access bands and now provide exclusive coverage to new areas without broadband service.

Thanks to all those who have help to pave the way to micro community cells.

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The cells small and tight space design as shown , increases ease of deployment with smaller high range micro cells. We are now converting the cell to complete solar system with DC/AC backup. The system will be one of the first of its types and is being designed by and built locally.

Data and details will follow on the self supporting power station, and it's new design ,development and deployment.