Sunday, April 1, 2007

Total Access DSL - Starting at $29.95 deployed nationwide

TOTAL ACCESS DSL - The nations largest combined DSL network. with over 10,000 new broadband areas deployed with unified management and simple billing. Total Access DSL is available in most areas start at only $29.95 per month and comes with no contract, no added fees, no extra fees, no connection fees, just fast reliable broadband over your existing phone lines. Visit link for prequalification web site. Speeds up to 6 megabit available in some areas across the nation. Not available in all areas, and subject to terms and conditions. Visit web sites listed for more details!

DSL - I live inside the city limits and I want Total Access DSL to use my existing phone wires I rent from my telephone company to run high speed Internet and phone service at the same time. The new self install DSL kit is available nationwide at this time for only $29.95 while supplies last. DSL Request

Wireless DSL Request - I live outside the city limits and want high speed access. I want Internet for my work and play and understand there are both monthly costs, equipment costs, and installation charges. WDSL Request

T1 Request - I live in United Sates of America and want a dedicated T1 for my personal or business use. I want be contacted by an engineer to help me get started. Contact Us

News Servers Changed in US makes for issues.

Someones idea to move ahead forward back into daylight savings before the real date, created havoc on some system with items like time and date. Use NTP or an updater and use a free NTP server to keep global time.

We found these free NTP servers worked.

# US CA (
Location: AOL Time Warner facility, Sunnyvale, California
Synchronizaton: Lockclock Algorithm and ACTS dial-up, GPS-stabilized oscillator for short-term stabilization
Service Area: Western US
Access Policy: Open access for up to 20 queries per hour (one-day average) from any one address, others by arrangment
Contact: Judah Levine,, 303 492 7785

Location: University of Houston, Houston, TX
Geographic Coordinates: 29:43:37N,95:20:22W
Synchronization: NTP V3 primary (GPS) HP9000/747i
Service Area: US Central time zone, others on request
Access Policy: open access to stratum-2 servers and to UH clients
Contacts: Rich Schmidt (, Alan Pfeiffer-Traum (