Friday, December 29, 2006

Total Access Times - December 2006

The Totat Access Networks Times December 2006 Edition

From the desk of the CEO
Ted Green

Happy Holidays to all!

Holidays brings cold weather and holiday cheer , warming hearts of the hundreds across the world brought to you by digital technology replacing another decade of the digital devide across our world. We thank those who have revisited our web site and made the program a huge success , generating Internation leads daily.

Fastests growth pather seen in both wireless and voice over IP sales which are up 30 to 300 percent over the last year. Our growth shows stronger then avergae numbers secured when our firm plunged into in the digital divide providing voice, video and Internet services completing it's propehcy of deploying multipoint to mulipoint mesh, handling voice and video traffic to Central Texas, using global resources. Just as we began with dialup, then wireless , and now into phone and IPTV services, our firm stays involved in what makes our network a little more unique than most, and always a step ahead of the the rest of the pack. Looking back this year we have allot to be greatful for. We thank each reader for the input and most of all thank the developers,
employees and staff for making this year the best yet.

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